Sung versions of the Apostles Creed

Here are a number of versions of the Apostles Creed that artists have put to song.

Eric Damewood (Apostles Church) – The Apostles Creed
from Love Came Through (2010)

nonparell – Praise Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (noisetrade)

Miranda Dodson – Apostles Creed
from Ascend ep (2014)

Hillsong – This I Believe (The Creed)
from No Other Name (2014)

Mindy Deckard – The Apostles Creed
from ‘Mid All the Traffic – Redeemer INdy (2006)

Matt Hooper (Integrity Music) – We Believe
rom Newsboys (2014)

Rich Mullins – Creed
performed by Third Day

Richard Jensen – Creed
from Order of Service (2013)

The City Harmonic – Manifesto

Beach Spring (Shapenote tune)
anyone have a recording of this version?

And here’s a terrific version of the Te Deum from Jamie Brown – Glory Be to God

Hymns of Faith cover art

You can also listen through our compilation “Hymns of Faith” which uses 12 songs to sing through every line of the apostles creed.

4 thoughts on “Sung versions of the Apostles Creed

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  1. don’t forget Rich Mullins’ “I Believe” … there is also a very singable tune we sang growing up — we sang both “the Apostle’s Creed” and “Lord With Glowing Heart I’d Praise Thee” to it. I don’t know of any recorded version, though.


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