Summer 2014 Noteworthy

Here are a few ALBUMS to support with your hard earned cash.

Stephen Miller – Journey Church – New album through KICKSTARTER

Ascend ep cover art
Miranda Dodson (Austin City Life) – Ascend

Amanda Noel – Songbird at Midnight
(the Legacy of Fanny Crosby (Vol.1)

Summer Reading – here are a few things I’m reading this summer.

Wendell Berry – This Day – Collected and New Sabbath Hymns

Christian Smith – Lost in Transition

ACTS Commentary – NT Wright (prepping for next years series at Hope)

Doug Bond – The poetic wonder of Isaac Watts (i got this as a free ebook…a good overall introduction to his life and work)

Douglas O’Donnell – Psalms – A 12 week study (ESV)

Monique Ingalls (DISS) – “Awesome in this place: Sound, space, and identity in contemporary North American evangelical worship”

John Stott – Baptism and Fullness – The Work of the Holy Spirit Today


Here is a host of more academically oriented PAPERS related to worship presented for the biblical worship section of ETS.


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