Coram Deo Church – Swallowed Up Death (2015)


Coram Deo Church (Omaha, Nebraska) – Swallowed Up Death
produced by David Potter and Luke Pettipoole

As we round the future into 2015 this album is a beacon of concepts to come…reflecting on Zac Hicks recent post about giving up the ghost on the retuned hymn movement I’m glad to see the logical evolution.  Church’s still experimenting with retuning hymns but also exploring songwriting and production to greater heights.  This is a great example of the best of both.  Excellent, contextually rich retunes alongside brand new songs and hymns…and I love that the flow and feel of the record is seamless.  You really have to do some digging to tell the difference (e.g. “Sing, Sing, Redeemed.”). I love that they even snuck in a text by well known british hymnodist Timothy Dudley-Smith!! The sounds are fabulous as well…arrangements and production that will feel familiar but also coached in melodies and vocals that make it easy for the worship planner to draw out an appropriation for their own place.  To my ear I hear bits of Wilco, Arcade Fire, Justin Townes Earle, Fleet Foxes, Sojourn church. This is good listening, good theology, songs you just really want to sing along with.

*Awesome to hear their version of our friend Nathan Partain’s song “I am one of those.”


1. Joining In The Joy

2. I Will Sing Of My Redeemer 
Original hymn text by Phillip P. Bliss
Music and additional words by Jared Strock

3. Swallowed Up Death
Love the scriptural allusions (Isaiah 25 & 35; Romans 8:18-25) and connections in this song. Great writing.

4. How Heavy Is The Night 
Original hymn text by Isaac Watts, Public Domain
Music and additional words by Jared Strock

5. Come My Way
Original poem, The Call, by George Herbet
Adapted by Kyle Christensen

6. I Am One Of Those 
original words and tune by Nathan Partain (Redeemer Pres – Indy)

7. Sing, Sing Redeemed 
Words by Megan Pettipoole
Music by Luke and Megan Pettipoole

8. When He Comes
Words by Timothy Dudley-Smith, 1969
Music by Andrew Penke

9. Jesus Shall Reign
Original hymn text by Isaac Watts
Adapted by Jared Strock
Music by Jared Strock

10. The King Shall Come
Original author unknown
Translated to English by John Brownlie
Music and additional words by David Potter

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