Retuned Records, Urban Doxology and Spacebomb Studios oh my!

Ya just gotta love what is happening in Richmond, Virginia right now…and that goes beyond the fact that it is both my homestate and my wife’s alma mater civitas.  Here’s a quick update with some great music and good news to check out.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.08.56 PM
Matthew E White and Spacebomb Studios

A few years back the Hayti Heritage Center in Durham, NC hosted a sweet show with Justin Vernon, John Darnielle and horn arrangements by Richmond, Va’s Matthew E White. Then later that year I got to see Matthew play his entire first album Big Inner with a 20+ person ensemble for Raleigh’s “Hopscotch Music Fest.” Matthew White is a missionary kid and a brilliant writer, arranger, performer who is making blazes on the current indie music scene with his Spacebomb studio’s.

Retuned Records

So I was super excited when I saw that Matthew and his Spacebomb outfit helped out Alex Mejias’ newest project Retuned Records get off the ground with a new single (which you can check out here).  Alex after a brief hiatus from High Street Hymns is launching a new brand that will feature more of the eclectic musical culture swirling around richmond, va right now.

Urban Doxology/Making a Melody

It also happens that Alex and David Bailey go to the same church in Richmond’s “East End Fellowship.”  David Bailey helps with music at the church but also runs an urban ministry called “Urban Doxology/Making a Melody.”  They have a fantastic new album out that you should check out pronto.  I’m also personally excited that David and his crew will be speaking and leading music at The Gathering here at Hope College in early February. –n.b.Our favorite Greg Scheer spent his summer sabbatical at East End Fellowship and Liz Vice is a former intern of their urban songwriting fellowship.

*And since we are spreading the news about things we love in richmond, va go listen to the great music sounding out by Shelby Murphy and Redemption Hill Church.!

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