Uptown Church – Songs from Earth, Our Island Home


Songs from Earth, Our Island Home | VIDEO
Church of the Incarnation, Uptown Community
produced by Justin Brooks

This is their third Uptown Worship Band release (Thirst, 2008, Hymns And Psalms, 2012).

Uptown is a modern liturgical community (Rite 2 liturgical service, with music that explores other avenues not covered by the choir and organ in the traditional services) within Church Of The Incarnation in Dallas, Texas.

This project was inspired by the canticles used in the hymnal of 1982 and they can also be found in the form of prayers in The Daily Office in the Book of Common Prayer. The music arrangements reflected our various backgrounds and influences as musicians, so you will hear a touch of classical, Nawlins jazz, Delta blues.


1. Arise, Shine
Surge, illuminare, Canticle 11, The Third Song Of Isaiah

2. A Song Of Creation
Benedicite, omnia opera Domini (Bless The Lord, All You Works Of The Lord), Canticle 12 

3. Surely, It Is God Who Saves
Ecce, Deus (Behold, God), Canticle 9, The First Song Of Isaiah

4. Doxology
Canticle 12 

There has been a ton of great original music coming from contemporary anglican communities in the past few years. You can check out a bunch of them at a post HERE.

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