Zac Hicks Greatest Hits Overview

I’ve been a fanboy of Zac Hicks since we first started swapping encouragements more than 10 years ago.  I love the work that Zac has done and continues to do to build bridges and wrestle with care, love, and theological acumen on the church and worship.

Below is a brief guided tour to some of my favorite Hicks musical productions with a few notes on the significance of the tunes for the uninitiated.  From Arena Rock to New Orleans Jazz, from simple folk to EDM Zac has covered more musical territory in worship music than ANYONE I know.  Not to mention some crazy contributions to our Cardiphonia compilations! You can see and sample his whole discography HERE. I’m especially enjoying the themed EP’s he is releasing right now over at Coral Ridge Worship.

[]Retuned Hymns that ROCK:
Zac is one of the few people that i know that can pack an equal punch both musically and theologically. These two are my own personal faves:

Arise, My Soul, My Joyful Powers
(from 2008’s “Hark the Glad Sound”)

Wake Up Sleeper
(from 2014 “His Be the Victor’s Name”)
117 rank Ruffati organ + huge swirling guitars. Yes please.

[]Songs with a Creedal heart for Contemporary Worship:

– a song meditating on the Five Sola’s of the reformation.  A great example of creedal songwriting. Use for any sunday, a reformation Sunday celebration, or for general praise.

[]Songs for the SACRAMENTS:

Bread of the World
– a classic anglican communion hymn.  Featured on The Glad Sound album and borrowed for Cardiphonia’s Songs for the Lord’s Supper.  I’ve heard this song led in churches from California to London, England.

Lord, I Believe

Open Our Eyes
An exploration of Luke 24 and the allusions in this biblical text to the Lord’s Supper.

[]Songs with a historical, LITURGICAL underpinning:

The Lord’s Prayer
– contributed to Cardiphonia’s “Songs for Liturgy” compilation.

Lord, Dismiss Us with Your Blessing
– A new orleans jazzy jam for your postlude fun.

Father, Only in Your Power
– an attempt at a trinitarian song of confession that borrows traditional confessional language from the anglican tradition.

[]Songs that engage the CHURH CALENDAR:
Zac has written and recorded songs for every season of the church calendar. Here is just a brief survey!

Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending
A traditional Wesley text for Advent.

Come See a Child of Low Estate
18th century text meets 21st production.  The first edm retuned hymn EVER produced I am sure!

Most Merciful God  (Lent)

Christ the Lord is Risen
A provocative retune of this traditional easter sunday text.

Lord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor

Away with Our Fears (Pentecost)

[]Modern adaptations of PSALMODY:
Zac cares greatly about THE songbook of the church and has contributed a few retunes of classic psalter texts.

Psalm 100 All People that on Earth Do Dwell
– Zac won the first annual new Psalmody contest at Church of the Servant (Grand Rapids, MI) with His retune of the classic text.

Psalm 125 (Firm and Unmoved are They)
– originally commissioned for Christ the King’s Psalms of Ascents Worship Grant.

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