Bits and Bobs – Winter 2015

Liturgy of Seasons - Vol. II: Winter's Woe cover art

There has been some great music released already this year..and good for us as we crunch our way through Winter up here in western michigan!

Here are a few CD’s and projects to check out:

a group of sacred songwriters writing from community up in Seattle, WA.  They contributed a track to our Incarnation Songs comp. Good stuff from Kyle Turver, Jess Alldredge, etc. Support before March 25.

The Crossing Music – Liturgy of the Seasons Project
Scott Johnson and co from The Crossing in Columbia, MO were awesome enough to send me LP’s of a current songwriting project using hymns to tell the story of the christian year. Produced by Dave Wilton & David A. Cover.

Sojourn MusicNew Again
New album from Sojourn Music featuring a great collection of original songs, retunes, and covers. Especially love Let Justice Roll and their cover of Bifrost Arts Psalm 126. Here is a great write up on “Let Justice Roll” by Bobby Gilles.

Early Christian Prayers (Hamman, Trans. Mitchell) – PDF
This is a fantastic and exhaustive collection of prayers from the early church.  A great introduction to writers, texts, themes, and approaches to prayer in the first couple hundred years of the church!

Carl Gladstonethe abolitionist hymnal
With the support of our friends, backers, and fellow abolitionists we were excited to launch this anti human trafficking hymn project!  Proceeds from sales of the cd and hymnal go to fight modern day human slavery.  The 27,000,000 people held as child soldiers, bonded laborers, and sex workers need the church to wake up, and these songs will hopefully help in that effort!

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