Sandra McCracken – Psalms


Welcome to your worship resource primer on many things Sandra McCracken (If you’ve not had the privilege of following her work). She is a stellar Singer-Songwriter, author, and lover of hymns old and new. We first heard of her songwriting through the retuned hymn group Indelible Grace. Catch her on tour right now with All Sons and Daughters supporting her new album on the Psalms which drops this week (April 14). The album is currently streaming on Relevant Magazine

Interview with Sandra at the Gospel Coalition for her new Psalms Album

Conversation with Sandra McCracken at HopefulRealism blog (by Chris Breslin)

Youtube channel 

Essays for Art House Nashville – Doxology and Desire: Making Small Things New
Interview with Sandra McCracken and Mike Cosper, Isaac Wardell (Songs for Luke Album

-Retuned Hymns with Indelible Grace-

Thy Mercy, My God
mp3 | chords | leadsheet

Hail to the Lord’s Anointed
mp3 | chords | leadsheet

-Original Work-

A couple years back she produced a record of original and retuned hymns that was one of the best “worship” albums we’d ever heard. Two of our favorite tracks are…

In Feast or Fallow
mp3 | chords | leadsheet | youtube

Justice Will Roll Down
mp3 | chords | leadsheet | youtube | youtube – acoustic

-Rain for Roots-

Sandra also participates in Rain for Roots – a supergroup of female songwriters lending music to the poems of Sally Lloyd-Jones, the author of the Jesus storybook bible. You can see our post with links and charts HERE.


Last year Sandra gathered with a group of her friends and musical collaborators in a small apartment in Williamsburg, NY and recorded the bulk of her new album live. It is a collection of intimate musings on the psalms. Listen now at Relevant Magazine’s The Drop.

Lyrics and Liner Notes (PDF)

Purchase here

We Will Feast in the House of Zion
mp3 | chords | leadsheet | youtube

Almighty God
mp3leadsheet | youtube

Cover by All Sons and Daughters

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  1. Thank you for being part of CCEF! In your seminar you spoke of the unique programs your Pres church did for Christmas and Easter. tell me about that? Would like to take that to our paster and Praise Team

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