Nathan Partain – Worship Songs and Resources

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Here is your introduction to everything Nathan Partain, the current Worship Director at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, IN.  Nathan is originally from Nashville, TN and grew up steeped in music.  He had a band in High School called Ceasar’s Glass Box that got signed to a major label. That didn’t work out so headed out to Seattle, WA to see what was next. He hung out on Capital Hill for a while and ended up working at Green Lake Presbyterian Church (and writing and recording truly one of my fave albums “People You Meet)”  I met Nathan at Green Lake in 2000 where I was a summer intern.  It was an epic summer and the start of the Liturgy Fellowship  -a round Seattle that summer was Nathan, Rick Jensen, Brian Moss, Luke Morton, and Luke Brodine.  I spent the summer in a crash course on congregational songwriting.  At that point Green Lake was singing almost 80% original songs composed by Nathan and Rick over the previous years.  Here are some of my favorites AND an introduction to Nathan’s most recent album “Jaywalker.”

As you can see I’ve snuck a number of these onto Cardiphonia albums. The rest you can purchase on bandcamp or digitally from Green Lake’s 2003 worship CD.

Ever Will I Praise (original)
mp3 | chart

Oh My God (original)
mp3 | chart

Psalm 136 (original)
mp3 | chords | leadsheet

Come, Holy Spirit, God and Lord (retuned hymn – Pentecost)
mp3 leadsheet | info

The Lord is King (retuned hymn)
mp3 | leadsheet | capo | chordchart |buy

Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven (retuned-Psalm103)
mp3 leadsheet | info

I Am One of Those (Original)
mp3 | chart

Jesus is Mine (retuned hymn)
mp3 | chart

More Love, O Christ (retuned hymn)
mp3 | leadsheet

The Lord is My Joy (retuned hymn)
listen | chart

Light of light, Enlighten Me (retuned hymn for Epiphany)
mp3 | Chords | lead sheet | info

Breathe (O Breath of Life) – Retuned hymn for Holy Saturday
mp3 | chart

I Cry Aloud to God (Psalm 77-Lament) – Nathan Partain
mp3 | chart


Here is Nathan’s latest album which is an eclectic collection of originals, gospel songs, retuned hymns, and other explorations in sacred song.


I Have Found a Hidden Fountain 04:00

It’s God who Saves 04:36

I am One of Those 04:34

In Tenderness He Sought Me 05:05

Love is a Gift 04:20

A Son of God 04:43

Jesus is Mine 03:10

Hold Thou my Hand 04:44

He was Wounded 04:53

God Moves in a Mysterious Way 03:43

Jesus Lives and so shall I 04:13

The Lord is my Joy 05:32

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