Psalm 146 – A Psalm for seeking justice

Last night at the Gathering (Hope College’s Sunday night student service) Trygve and Dr. Mark Husbands preached on the 4th beatitude. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.”  Mark was sharing specifically in relation to his work with the Emmaus Scholars – a hope college residential program that seeks to help students connect their learning environment with opportunities to live out mercy and justice. He mentioned Psalm 146 as one place to connect our worship and our lives.  Here is a version from our latest compilation by Kaitlyn Ferry, a musician from Knoxville, TN.


Trust not in princes, nor in mortal man
He has not the power to save.
His plans are fleeting all his thoughts perish
as he is laid in his grave

I will sing praises, o my soul, o my soul
I will sing praises, o my soul

Blessed is he whose help is God
maker of heaven and earth
blessed is he who hopes in the Lord
His faithfulness ever endures

He will bring justice to the oppressed
Prisoners he will set free
The Lord watches over widows and the orphans
There is none too low he can’t see

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