Psalm 121 – The Lord is Your Shelter (A psalm for refugees)

ps121A few years ago my church worked through the Psalms of Ascents via a calvin worship grant.  The psalms of ascents are at their heart refugee songs and I’ve been praying them steadily for all of the refugees traveling into eastern europe. Prayers that they would find a home, shelter, and a place with God. Writing from the psalms is difficult. You are trying to capture the intent of the original community, express its christological telos, and give real voice to the daily suffering of the refugee.  I’m not sure how to wrestle that all into a text and in the end I had to find comfort in another Psalm 139:5 “You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me.”

demo | chart

1.O Lord, when long has been the night
when eyes plead to the hills
Our help will come at break of day
Your glories to fulfill
O Lord! You are our helper
O God, You are our stay (through every pilgrim way)
O Lord! You are our shelter
through the night and through the day!
2.O Lord, when through the heat of day
our journey carries on
We know that soon you’ll lead us home
to new jerusalem
3.O Jesus when you raised your eyes
You breathed now, “it is done”
You bore the cross and raised us up
to reign beside your throne!
4.O Lord, you are our shepherd here
when far from home we’re cast
A stranger in a foreign land
we need your sweet repast.
5.O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
soon gather all that’s yours
Your presence now renew in part
the whole forevermore
C  D  Em  C
The Lord is your light, the Lord is your life
The Lord is your keeper
The Lord is your guard, in front and behind,
forever near you
Our God will keep your going out and coming in
Our God will hem you in – His love will never end

(c) 2015 Cardiphonia Music

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