Worship Networks Abound

I love to keep tabs on networks in the world of worship/sacred music. Each one is a microcosm of creativity, regional particularities, and of course the work of the Holy Spirit in unique contexts.  These groups all strive to provide resources through music, blogs, and conferences and all have a desire to serve the greater church.  Most of these have distinct regional identities but also have produced materials with enough universal benefit to include.

Here are a few networks that have popped up recently that are worth checking out:

Doxology and Theology {www.doxologyandtheology.com}

We are a fellowship of evangelical worship leaders deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform full to the Scriptures.

Matt Boswell is the life force of this particular network drawing on his deep roots within the baptist and Gospel Coalition crowd.  Dox&Theol have published a book, blogs, and holds a semi-annual conference at Southern seminary in Louisville, KY.

Gospel Song Union {www.gospelsongunion.com}

The Gospel Song Union is a community of like-minded writers and leaders who have one thing in mind: legacy. Our hope is to be a contributor to the living hymnal of songs that has been healthily growing for centuries.

Made up of a number of groups that have roots in the now expired Seattle Mars Hill Church. (Citizens & Saints, The Sing Team, Ghost Ship, Citizens & Saints, Kings Kaleidoscope, The Modern Post)  Releasing written and produced grunge and pop worship stuff is their forte.

Rooted Network {www.rootednetwork.org}

The ROOTED NETWORK exists to spread a passion for God’s glory in the world by encouraging and equipping {worship}leaders with Gospel-centered resources and events.

A new network with a distinctively texan vibe + Glenn Packiam!?  Stephen Miller is the initial organizer and they hope to provide conference resources as well as music stuff.

Coastland Commons {www.coastlandcommons.org}

Coastland Commons is an open community that has committed to living with Scripture texts through a creative lens in collaboration with the local church.

A new project spearheaded by Cardiphonia friend Kyle Turver in the Seattle area.  With a fresh new Calvin Worship grant they have some exciting things in store for 2016.

Other Groups:

Multicultural Worship Leaders Network



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