New Compilation – Hollow Square Hymnal (shape note tunes)

Today (Ash Wednesday) Cardiphonia released a new compilation of songs inspired by the shape note tradition.  These songs draw from a long history of sacred music in america captured in the Sacred Harp and Southern Harmony (and many other) hymnals that have flourished in the south since the early 1800’s.  Should be a perfect soundtrack for your Lenten season!

Here is a collection of links and resources for learning more (singing more) about the Shape Note tradition.
Lisa Grayson’s Beginners Guide to Shape-Note Singing (PDF)
Awake My Soul – a documentary with accompany soundtrack that explores the Sacred Harp tradition from the past into the present by Erica and Matt Hinton
Tons of information on the Sacred Harp hymnal with full indexes for searching. You can also search for

Singings in your area.

Information and a list of tunes for many of the shape note hymnals.

Information and indexes for the Southern Harmony hymnal.

A treasure trove of material on the shape note tradition from Warren Steel who taught at Old Miss.

A list of Advent and Christmas tunes and texts from the Shape Note tradition.


The Makers of the Sacred Harp, David Warren Steel with Richard Hulan. University of Illinois Press, 2010.

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  1. Hi! This music is great. I bought the music, but was curious if it comes with the sheet music. I see that with the purchase of the album, a songbook is available, but not sure how to get that. Thanks for your help and information on your website.

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