Liturgy, Vol 32 “Worship in an Age of Reconstruction”

Lester Ruth, professor of Christian Worship at Duke Divinity School recently curated an issue of Liturgy Journal looking at the state of worship in america “post worship wars.” This current issue is riffing off an issue published in 2004 that explored the effect of the worship wars on mainline traditional worship – curated by Lutheran pastor and scholar Frank Senn.

Here is the list of articles from the issue published in 2004.

  1. Worship Wars by Frank Senn
  2. The Big Dig – by Sean McCarthy
  3. Worship Wars in the Roman Catholic Church – by James Empereur
  4. My Neighbor, the Evangelical Megachurch – by Amy Florian
  5. Heads Up – by Todd Johnson
  6. Worship Wars or Worship Awakening? – by Robb Redman
  7. The Portrayal of Pastoral Authority in Worship – by Deborah Knapp
  8. “Free-Church Bapto-Catholic” – by Nathan Nettleton
  9. Four Liturgical Movements – by Frank Senn

Here is the list of current articles:

[intro] Worship in an Age of Reconstruction: Introduction
Lester Ruth / Pages: 1-2
[1] The Eruption of Worship Wars: The Coming of Conflict
Lester Ruth / Pages: 3-6
[2] Style Matters: Contemporary Worship Music and the Meaning of Popular Musical Borrowings
Monique M. Ingalls / Pages: 7-15
[3] The Curious Longevity of the Traditional–Contemporary Divide: Mainline Musical Choices in Post–Worship War America
Deborah R. Justice / Pages: 16-23
[4] Lay-Prophet-Priest: The Not-So-Fledgling “Office” of the Worship Leader
Nelson Cowan / Pages: 24-31
[5] Why Worship Matters: Lessons From Lutheran Congregations Struggling in a World of Liturgical Change
Stephen Ellingson / Pages: 32-41
[6] Too Much Bono in the Church?
Aaron Niequist / Pages: 42-45
[7] Reconsidering the Role of Music in Worship: A Tale From the Vineyard
Matthew Sigler / Pages: 46-53
Bruce Benedict / Pages: 54-61

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