Songs for Lent 2017


There have been some great resource posts on the Liturgy Fellowship facebookgroup for lent. Here are some of the highlights so far.  Personally, I’ve been reading through accounts of music innovations from the Reformation as I prep resources for a few 500th celebrations and many of those are apropos for lenten/catechetical formation.

  • Johann Zwick, one of the leading german reformers focused his early writing on hymns for the creed, the Lord’s prayer, the beatitudes, as well as hymns that built off of his well known catechism. Lent is a great time to work on having at least one song that builds off each of those topics.
  • Hymn-writer CF Alexander (best known for her hymn Once in Royal David’s City) has a wonderful collection of hymns for little children with selections for the creed, the ten commandments, and the Lord’s Prayer for those of you interested in a “re-tune” challenge.

Creed – I Believe in God the Father (chart)

Lord’s Prayer – Our Heavenly Father (chart)

Lord’s Prayer – Our Father (Jared Anderson)

Beatitudes Blog post with a list of songs

Catechism – Check out these recent songs on the Heidelberg catechism
– J. Zeyl – I Am Not My Own (chart)
– Dustin Kensrue – My One Comfort (chart)
– The Welcome Wagon – What is Your Only Comfort (chart)


Liturgical Folk – Check out Ryan Flanagans new record of liturgical settings.

Emerald Hymns – curated list of Lenten songs from Jess Alldredge

Lament – New album of originals and retuned hymns from The Gentle Wolves


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