The Organ in Contemporary Worship


I recently hosted a conversation at Baylor’s Alleluia Conference on “The Organ in Contemporary Worship.”  Here are some of the resources that I found while working on my presentation. (**Special thanks to Aaron Goodyke and Kristin Barron who both studied organ at Hope and help lead worship in local holland congregations where they also play with their praise bands)

CT Article – “The Triumph of the Praise Songs – how the guitars beat out the organs in the worship wars.”

Artist Theological Journal – The Decline of the Organ?

Zac Hicks Articles:

What’s Still Great About the Organ – a guitarists perspective
How the Organ Could Make a Comeback in Modern Church Music

Jamie Brown – “10 Recommendations for Working with an Organist from an Everyday Worship Leader

Listening Examples:

– By His Wounds – Hope College Worship (Traditional Hymn + band performed at Calvin Worship Symposium. Leadsheet

Wake Up Sleeper – Zac Hicks (retuned hymn with a modern worship arr + Ruffatti organ. leadsheet

Holy, Holy, Holy – Ghost Ship (traditional tune+Chorus – transition to traditional on organ)

All Hail Christ – Hope College Worship (Pipe-rock on Skinner organ) chart

Fortress (A Mighty Fortress) – Calvary Creative (traditional with new chorus + organ) chart

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