Singing the Reformation into the 21st Century


Here is a larger list of materials that I originally collected for Reformed Worship highlighting the 500th commemoration of the Reformation.


Resources from Fuller’s Brehm Center
One of the few places to find musical resources for children to celebrate the Reformation.

Rise & Worship – New Hymns for the Reformation – a collection of texts by Douglas Bond and music by Gregory Wilbur and Nathan Clark George.

CardiphoniaHymns for the Apostles Creed (Samuel Stone)
A ‘retuned’ hymn project with music for an entire collection of hymns written from the Apostles Creed. A great series for the 500th.

SolaeFive devotional songs inspired by the sola’s – by Andrew Finden

PsallosChurch Songs
First track on this project is an original hymn inspired by the Five sola’s of the Reformation.

Hymns for a Modern Reformation – James M. Boice
10th Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA published a collection of hymns written by their pastor that meditate on the sola’s of the Reformation. You can purchase the music here and listen to the recordings at amazon or spotify.

Resources from the Christian Reformed Church


Come All You Servants of the Lord (Psalm 134) – The Psalm Project
A contemporary dutch take on the traditional genevan psalm tune (OLD HUNDREDTH) for Psalm 134. You can find this arranged with two different lyrics – one by Arlo Duba in LUYH #924 and another one by Calvin Seerveld on the Psalm Project’s recording.
listen | chart

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty – Redemption Hill Church
A classic german reformation hymn with a folk-rock arrangement from Richmond, Va church Redemption Hill.
listen  | chart

Sola – Zac Hicks
A modern worship song that meditates on the five sola’s.
listen&chart →

Rejoice in All Your Works (Psalm 104) – Wendell Kimbrough
Contemporary folk arrangement of Psalm 104
listen |Chart

Grace Alone – The Modern Post
A modern worship song meditating on the reformation theme of grace alone
listen | Chart

My Help, My God (Psalm 42) – Sandra McCracken
A good example of a modern psalm.
listen |chart

From the Depths of Woe (Psalm 130) – Indelible Grace
A “retuned” hymn based in Martin Luther’s versification of Psalm 130.
listen | chart

Bless the Lord – Taize
This well known piece from the french ecumenical community of Taize draws from Psalm 103 and is a wonderful sung assurance of pardon.

One Kingdom – Josh Davis/Multicultural Network
A multicultural worship song speaking to the unity of the body of Christ.

Solas – Frontline Music
Another modern attempt to musicalize the sola’s of the reformation written by contemporary worship leader Charlie Hall
listen & chart

Psalm 46 for Liturgy – The Presbyterian Mission site has a helpful litany that weaves Psalm 46 with a singing of ‘A Mighty Fortress’ which would make an excellent option for a hymn festival without sermon.

A Mighty Fortress is Our God – Grace & Peace Church
There have been many attempts to musicalize this iconic hymn from Luther. Here is folk-pop arrangement from singer-songwriter and worship leader Stephen Gordon.  

Fortress (A Mighty Fortress is Our God) – Calvary Creative
listen | chart

This I Believe (The Creed) – Hillsong
A modern worship song based in the Apostles Creed
listen | Chart

The Apostles Creed – Redeemer Presbyterian, Indianapolis
A versification of the Apostles creed with a new tune – great for blended worship.
listen | chart

Lord God, Now Let Your Servants Depart in Peace – Greg Scheer
Calvin included the Song of Simeon (Nunc Dimittis) in his Lord’s Supper liturgy and was one of the New Testament canticles that many of the reformers included in their earliest song collections.
Listen | Chart

Our Heavenly Father – Hope College Worship
Both Luther and Calvin made attempts to musicalize the the Lord’s Prayer.  Here is a text by Scottish hymnodist James Montgomery that was recently recorded by the college ministry at Hope College (Holland, MI).
listen | chart

With One Heart – King’s Region
Today over 70% of the world’s Protestants live outside of the initial geography of the Reformation! This song from The Multicultural Worship collective is a wonderful sonic picture of the unity the body of christ finds at the table, as well as lending a bit of southern hemisphere festiveness to the wedding feast of the lamb!
listen | chart


We Will Trust in God’s Word Alone – Bob Kauflin
A new hymn from Bob Kauflin (Sovereign Grace) and Chris Anderson meditating on the five sola’s in song written specifically for Reformation celebrations this year.
listen | chart

Doxology – Fuller Seminary
A global celebration of praise singing the traditional doxology
listen | chart

For All the Saints –  Indelible Grace
A retuned version of this classic text
listen | chart

Make of Our Hearts (John 15) – Hiram Ring
This simple scripture song is a wonderful call for unity rooted in the words of John 15.
Listen | chart

A Mighty Fortress is Our God – Matt Boswell
A well produced modern arrangement of the classic reformation hymn.
listen | charts

For Thine All Surpassing Glory – Eric Graef
A modern hymn meditating on the five sola’s of the reformation.
Listen | chart  

Glory be to God Alone – David Ward (Thousand Tongues)
listen | chart


From the Church of England – a confession and prayer for church unity


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