New Worship Songs for Hope 2017

It’s a ton of fun working with college students at Hope and the crazy curation work that goes into finding songs that are musically interesting, biblically coherent and a good fit for our worship context.  Here’s a list of some of my current faves that we are currently working on…and if you want to see a bunch more join the Liturgy Fellowship group on facebook.

[1] All Will Be Well – Calvary Creative (chart)
I met Madison Cunningham this summer at a Porters Gate Worship event and was really impressed with her performance – soon we found the work that she helps with at Calvary Chapel in SoCal. The whole album “Monuments” is worth a listen!

[2] Abide – Liz Vice (chart)
Last summer our students really (really) got into “Empty me Out” by Liz and so we worked hard to learn another one from her 2015 album “There’s a Light.”

[3&4] Only A Holy God & Saved My Soul – CityaLight (chart)
I’ve been listening to these guys for a couple of years and loved their songs but it wasn’t until their most recent album that we found some stuff that really worked for us. Students love the big vocals that start “Saved My Soul” and the lyrics are very solid. Think of these guys as Mumford and Sons/Lumineers meets Hillsong.

[5] Praise the Lord/Rejoice – Daniel Bashta (chart)
I can’t figure out if Daniel Bashta is ‘popular’ or ccm or what but this song is incredible!! Great meditation on psalmic language, super singable, and easy to arrange for any kind of ensemble.  This is probably my personal favorite of our new batch of songs. Praise the Invisible is another song from Daniel that we sang last year that is a great trinitarian text.

[6] Your Great Love – Bellarive (chart)
Great part of working in a college context is that you can get away with pulling off some of the bigger pop arrangements that most churches/intergenerational contexts just can’t do! Song has an interesting covenantal turn of ‘remembrance’ which I like…and its total pop awesomeness.

[7] Word of God – Vertical Worship (chart)
Hard to find songs that cause us to meditate on the Word of God – both the scriptures and the one who is the WORD. Interesting melody and very singable!

[8] Let Justice Roll – Sojourn Music (chart)
I love the folks at Sojourn Music and this original text and tune meditating on the theme of justice from the language of Micah 5:24 is rocking! Read more about the story at Sojourn’s blog here.

[9] Heal Us – Indelible Grace (chart)

[10] Love and Love Alone – All Sons and Daughters (chart)
A simple song of praise off of their new album and an excuse for us to experience with ableton live and a different guitar vibe.


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