Porters Gate Worship Project

Image from facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/theportersgate/

On October 6th the new Porters Gate Worship project will release their first album of collaborative songs related to the idea of vocation and worship.  Artistically attempting to address the systemic problem of connecting concerns of work to the worship of God. Isaac Wardell (formerly Bifrost Arts) is at the helm of the project with support from New City Commons and the Thriving Cities project.

purchase now! itunes | bandcamp

The album was videoed and recorded over three days in NYC last June, 2017 by Mason Jar Music with contributions from a constellation of independent artists – Josh Garrells, Audrey Assad, Aaron Keyes, Stuart Townend, Liz Vice, Urban Doxology, David Gungor (The Brilliance), Joy Ike, Bob Kauflin, Madison Cunningham, Paul Zachs (Silver Pages), Sandra McCracken, Wendell Kimbrough, PageCXVI, Cardiphonia, etc.

The project has already released a number of exciting media pieces that you can check out below.

  • Video Introduction to the Project –> HERE
  • Work Songs sneak-peek (Madison Cunningham) – HERE
  • Single “Your Work is Not in Vain” – mp3 | chart

As part of the overall project Cardiphonia will also be releasing a double-album of compositions later in the month called “Among the Thorns” – so stay tuned!


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