Bellwether Arts – Advent/Christmas 2017


It’s been a busy season in the Cardiphonia workshop this year.  Hot off the heals of our new vocation double-album we are finally bringing to life a project to support the church calendar with a collection of liturgical resources. We are calling it Bellwether Arts.

This advent is our inaugural release. Our plan is to produce 4 collections per year – (1) for Advent-Epiphany, (1) for Lent/Holy Week (1) Easter-Pentecost and (1) for Ordinary Time.

For our first collection there are only 50 available. You can purchase HERE

Each kit includes:

[] Journal
A journal for planning out the liturgical seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany. Design by Blake Johnson.

[] Music
A collection of original advent/christmas/epiphany songs.

[] Art
An original piece inspired by the liturgical season.

[] A Hand sewn and designed Tote
The whole collection comes in a bag by local designer Sayde Anderson.

[] Book
Each season will include a short devotional book we have dug up from the archives. This year is an exceptional little piece on Isaiah’s Songs of the Servant.

Bag with stamp

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