Bits and Bobs Fall 2017


There are an amazing amount of new projects out right now – tis the season! Sharing a few below that I’ve been able to listen to and think you’ll find beneficial to your devotional/liturgical life!

[] Quiet Hymns – Matthew Smith
Matthew has been releasing albums for a number of years both with Indelible Grace and as a solo artist. This is certainly his most mature record to date and one that finds him carving out his own aesthetic. Check out  chart|mp3 for congregational singing! 
short bio  | Video | Tour info 

[] Songs for Sunday – Resound Worship
From resound worship – “In a break from many worship albums, we’ve built the tracks using a palette that reflects the musical line-up found in real churches…” and with an album structure that follows a broadly intentional liturgical structure. You can find more liturgical resources around this project at the resound worship site.

[] Light Up the Stairs – The Welcome Wagon
The Welcome Wagon have finally released their much anticipated third album produced by Daniel Smith aka Danielson. Check out their version of the agnus dei with arrangment by philly composer Joshua Stamper. mp3 | chart

[] A Home & A Hunger – Caroline Cobb
Caroline is one of the best songwriters I know at capturing the biblical story in verse.  Her newest release is one of her finest!

[] Steadfast (live) – Sandra McCracken
A collection of song of Sandra’s greatest hits from the past few years – you can watch the whole record live  on youtube HERE


[] Eucharist – Young Oceans
Ambient Pop worship Project spearheaded by Eric Marshall who leads worship at Trinity Grace in NYC. Inspired by the movements of the traditional Eucharist communion.







Bellwether_Final_Logomark-13Bellwether Arts – check out this new liturgical project Cardiphonia is working on to support the church calendar – art, journaling, reading, etc for each of the major seasons. Advent/Christmas/Epiphany, Lent/Holy Week, Easter/Pentecost, Ordinary Time.




Check out Sister|Sinjin – a trio of musicians from Indianapolis, IN. Kaitlyn Ferry is a member of the group and a frequent contributor to Cardiphonia projects.





Emmanuel-PennMelanie Penn, NYC songwriter and actress has a new Christmas album coming out called “Emmanuel.” The album is available for pre-order on Oct 15th.  Listen to a recent interview with Melanie on Mike Cosper’s new podcast “Cultivated



advent-house-prepared_16A House Prepared – Ree Backus
A lovely album based in the advent collects from the Book of Common Prayer.

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