New Albums, New Year, New Notes!

Hey All! Welcome to 2018. Here are a few bits to help you start the new year out right!


The Welcome Wagon – “Light up the Stairs”
Listen | Charts

The Sing Team – “Sing On!”
Listen | Charts | review

Stephen McNeillCenterpiece

Hallowell – Hallowell
listen | charts | video
Hallowell is the first solo release from Joseph Pensak – the RUF past in Burlington, VT and the co-founder with Isaac Wardell of BiFrost Arts Music.

Sandra McCrackenSongs from the Valley
new ep for pre-order featuring songs for the lenten season.


The Worship Symposium – pdf

The Hymn Society – Summer 18 (St Louis)

Doxology & Theology – Fall Conference


David Taylor – The Theatre of God’s Glory

Todd Billings – Remembrance, Communion, and Hope: Rediscovering the Gospel at the Lord’s Table


CRC Songwriting Contest – creation care and worship materials

Greg Scheer – Support Psalm Writing for Feb

Jubilate – Hymns of Peace songwriting contest

Hymn Society – Summer 2018 Conference song contest


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