Resources for Lent – 2018

Here are some updated links and info on my favorite Lenten resources. Enjoy!

– this is a compilation that I curated with Brian Murphy a few years back walking through the Stations of the Cross with Shape note texts – almost all of the texts here are “retuned’ with an indie folk vibe. 

– audio –
– songbook –

[] Reading the Church Fathers for Lent

[] On Keeping a Holy Lent – Craig Higgins

  • A great introduction for the typical evangelical that didn’t grow up with a liturgical orientation to time.  PDF

[] George Rouault – Miserere Series for Lent

  • you have to go backwards in the blog but SO GOOD!

[] Spiritual Practices for Lent

  • blog post collecting some various practices

[] Great Lent – Alexander Schmemann

  • Schmemann is an orthodox priest and liturgical theologian with a very refreshing and biblically rooted meditation on Lent for the weary evangelical. Amazon

[] Justin McRoberts – Prayer

  • A little devotional book from former Young Life staffer and musician Justin McRoberts with great art for by Scott Erickson. Cool thing for a worship team to pray through, etc. Purchase HERE, You can find the prints of the book here.

[] An Un-Ash Wednesday Service 

  • The pastoral action of touching the head in scripture is always a sign of blessing and healing. I have some convictions about how the imposition of ashes goes against a very strong biblical current…but that’s just me. SERVICE PDF

What are your favorite Lent devotional resources? Please share below!

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