Kickstarter – Songs for the Sojourn (Psalms for Holy Week)

SFTS 2-03.png

Cardiphonia + Bellwhether Arts have just released a kickstarter fundraising project to raise $$ for a long term exploration of the Psalms of Ascents (with a focus on Holy Week.)

Please consider supporting our project!


This project was initially begun as a Calvin worship grant in 2010 and spiraled into a sprawling endeavor to provide an immersive experience of the Psalms of Ascents.   The initial idea was instigated by a little book called “Ascent to the Cross” by Erik Routley that meditates on this little section of psalms through the lens of Holy Week  – as these psalms would have likely been sung by Hebrew pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem for passover.

For the initial project we commissioned RTS-DC president and OT scholar Scott Redd to ponder the Psalms of Ascents as a liturgical guide for Holy Week – PDF

There are over 50 artists involved with this project contributing original songs, devotions, visual art, and liturgical constructions. For more info please visit our kickstarter page.


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