Kickstarter Update! Songs for the Sojourn

SFTS 2-03.pngOur new kickstarter is humming along with ONE more week to go!

Here is a list of all of the incredible musicians who have contributed songs to this growing project to bring the psalms to life for Holy Week.  We are also working on a book that will include devotions and original artwork along with some other fun material creations (Handkerchiefs, T-shirts, etc).

Bruce Benedict
Bifrost Arts Music (Isaac Wardell)
Caroline Cobb
City Hymns (Karl Digerness)
Coram Deo (Micah Bruce, Eric Goodell, Andrew Penke)
Daniel Snoke
David Rivers
Green Carpet Players (Matthew Grimsley, Amy Porter)
Greg Wilbur
Hope College Worship
Jeff Crawford (Music from the Gathering Church)
Jered McKenna
Kaitlyn Ferry
Namaan Wood
Nathan Partain (Redeemer Presbyterian Church – Indy)
Park Church Denver (Joel Limpic)
Peter La Grand
Pillar Church Music (Andy Bast & Jonathan Gabhart)
Red Mountain Music
Red River Hymnal
The Gentle Wolves (Richard Kentopp)
The Psalter Project (David Porter)
The Welcome Wagon
Wen Reagan
Wendell Kimbrough
Wes Crawford
Zac Hicks

Our work is largely connecting with worship leaders and planners but please feel free to share with friends, pastors, and others who would enjoy this liturgical/devotional resource for the Psalms that provides a singing entryway to Holy Week.


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