Day 1 – 50 Days of Easter


For Easter this year we’re going to blog through the 50 days of easter on our way to Pentecost.  Something I’ve wanted to do for a while and being spurned on some someone’s remark that for as much as the evangelical church has poured into engaging the season of Lent – HOW MUCH more should we engage with the season of Resurrection!  I’ll keep it pretty simple with a focus on music primarily, but hopefully can toss in some art, quotes, etc along the way too.

The first week will feature songs meditating on the “He is Risen, Risen Indeed” motif!

The first song comes from my buddy Matt Boswell who is a pastor in Texas as well as a gifted text and tune writer – he also runs a great organization called “Doxology and Theology” inspired by our mutual mentor Hughes Oliphant Old.

Matt Boswell – He is Risen, Indeed
chart | youtube

Verse 1
A2                      D2      E D       D2
What a morning when the silence turned to singing
A2                    D2      E D     D2
What rejoicing on the third appointed day
    F#m7                    D2
The cross exhausted all its cruelty and its power
    Bm7                           D                 E
But love declared its victory and rolled the stone away

          Asus A F#m7      E       D
Christ is ris - en   He is risen indeed
E                                    D             E
Death has been defeated and the grave has lost its sting
      Asus A F#m7
Halle - lu-jah
            E           D              Bm7  D
With the angels we will sing Christ is risen
           Esus     A 
 Christ is risen indeed 

Verse 2
A2                     D2           E D D2
Such a hope we have in Christ the resur-rection
A2                    D2              E D     D2
Such a joy to know by grace we've been redeemed
        F#m7                      D2
Through Christ we died a death to sin and all its folly
    Bm7                        D            E
But glorified, we will rise to live eternally

   D            A/C#             Bm7            A/C#
Salvation and immortal praise to our victorious King
D               A/C#               Bm     A2 C#  D 
Let the heavens and the earth with glad hosannas ring



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