Week 4 – 50 Days of Easter (The Mighty Cross)

Fifty Days of Easter

Week 4 – Modern Worship for Eastertide

SONG: The Mighty Cross – Elevation Worship
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This is a new song for #Eastertide in the Hope College Worship repertoire. While I don’t love everything in the lyrics (“no word he spoke“??) I love that the song moves from cross to resurrection to return which is always a nice arc to have and which few CW songs carry. And while its pretty subtle there is also some cross-over vibes with modern worship and gospel here which is always awesome!


On the day, that death surrendered
To the mighty cross of Jesus Christ
The earth would shake, beneath the weight
Of darkened skies
On His brow, a crown of sorrow
For a King whose weakness was our strength
No word He spoke, His love was shown
For all to see
Oh the cross of Jesus Christ
He’s the reason I’m alive
For His blood, has set me free
It will never lose, its power for me!
Now the dawn, of resurrection
Floods the night, as hope prevails to shine
Salvation wakes, our chains to break
And we arise!
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Christ my victory!
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
He has won for me
On the day, He comes in glory
To reveal the fullness of His reign
Our hearts will bow, before the sound
Of Jesus name!

Songwriters: Christopher Brown
Mighty Cross lyrics © Essential Music Publishing

Here is our post on other resources for celebrating #eastertide


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