Week 5 – 50 Days of Easter (Wake Up Sleeper)

Fifty Days of Easter

Week 5 – Retuned Hymns for Easter

SONG: Wake Up Sleeper (Zac Hicks and Coral Ridge Worship)
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Part of a growing collaboration between Zac Hicks and world class organist Chelsea Chen on the Coral Ridge Presbyterian worship album “His Be the Victors Name” that Zac describes lovingly as “Pipe Punk.” Chorus riffs on the Ephesians 5:14

1. You summon me up from the death of living
A life bent on itself and unforgiving
Resisting peace and truth, Your law defying
Exhausted by my own self-justifying

In my rebellion, You call
To raise me up from the fall
As You gather me
With Your chosen people to
Lift up my eyes to see the Lord

Wake up, sleeper
Rise from the dead
And Christ will shine on you

2. I stand condemned, a sinner poor and needy
I come with empty hands, my heart is bleeding
My soul recounts the sins that ever plague me
The enemy reminds me of them daily

But when he shows me my sin
It’s a blessing within
For I flee to my
Lord and see, the wounded hands,
In risen power he says to me

The glory of the cross inspires my highest praise
His rising from the tomb ignites a holy blaze
Now summoned from the dead, I join the Church to raise
A shout to make the earth give way as heaven shines its holy rays


from His Be the Victor’s Name, released February 25, 2014
Words & Music: Zac Hicks, 2013, based on Ephesians 5:4
©2013 Unbudding Fig Music (ASCAP)


Here is our post on other resources for celebrating #eastertide


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