Week 6 – 50 Days of Easter (Believe He Lives)

Fifty Days of Easter

Week 6 – Under the Radar Gems for Eastertide

SONG: Believe He Lives (Sovereign Hope Music)
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This is a wonderful new song from Sovereign Hope Music (Missoula, MT) that seeks to meditate on the Resurrection and the Ascension. Here is a quote from their site.

“In closing the “Mercy’s Throne” project it was important to us that we would not only celebrate the bodily resurrection of Jesus from the grave, but that we’d also rejoice in his ascension. At the cross, Christ was the perfect sacrifice for our sin. This alone is cause for wonder and endless praise, but he is so much more than just a sacrifice.” 


Like a light in the darkness breaking through to day – (John 8:12Ephesians 5:81 Peter 2:92 Corinthians 4:6)
There was hope and a promise that God would make a way – (Genesis 3:15Isaiah 53:5-9)
And so we pray you say you hear us as we cry out to You. – (Proverbs 15:291 John 5:14John 16:24)

The world watching with a wonder
“How can Jesus save
with his body torn asunder lying in the grave?” – (Acts 5:34-40)
He is risen and ascended and we believe it’s true – (Romans 8:34)

And now that we have seen the plan of God
In Christ our risen King – (Ephesians 1:3-14)
We believe salvation comes by faith – (Ephesians 2:8)
and this truth we’ll ever sing

Jesus Christ is raised to life
He has undone the fall for all who, by His grace,
believe He lives – (1 John 2:2Romans 3:25-26)

Before the light, before the darkness
Christ was on His throne – (John :1-5)
And at the cross he has accomplished
Grace through faith alone – (Ephesians 2:8)
We believe and see the Savior redeeming everything – (Colossians 1:20)

And so we’re carrying the Gospel
Your spirit lives in us – (Acts 1:8-9)
and at the right hand of the Father – (Acts 7:55Romans 8:34Ephesians 1:20)
we have a high priest we can trust – (Hebrews 7:23-27)
Now forever every knee will bow and praise the lamb – (Philippians 2:10)

All Glory, Praise, and Honor to the Risen Lamb! – (Revelation 4:11Revelation 5:13)
He is the Way, the Truth , the Life Forever! – (John 14:6)

Here is our post on other resources for celebrating #eastertide


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