Week 6 – 50 Days of Easter (Rise to Life)

Fifty Days of Easter

Week 6 – Under the Radar Gems for Eastertide

SONG: Rise to Life (Redeemer La Mirada)
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Wandering through the vast fields of Noisetrade I stumbled on this little album of originals from Redeemer Church in La Mirada, CA. The writing and arranging from chief musician Justin Sinclair (who also works under the moniker of Brother James) is really strong and I love this song as a congregational sing for Eastertide.



   V1.Oh Lord we’re suffering, oh Lord we’re weak

Oh Lord we’re sheep in danger, Lord we need a savior

V2.But we’re one in suffering, we’re one in pain

We’re one with Christ our King as we die with Jesus


His body and his blood Can be our only hope

Because our only hope for life is death

Proclaiming now his death and our inheritance

We gladly with him die and rise to life

V3.So in our suffering we will rejoice

Because the hope of heaven for his Bride the Chosen

V4.And in our suffering true faith is proved

Lord may our lives be such that with Christ we suffer

BR:With our freedom we will follow You

Death to sin for life in Christ

Father free us to humility

May our suffering give rise to Jesus’ righteousness

(c) 2017 Justin Sinclair Music

Here is our post on other resources for celebrating #eastertide


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