Week 6 – 50 Days of Easter (Resurrection)

Fifty Days of Easter

Week 6 – Under the Radar Gems for Eastertide

SONG: Resurrection (Pillar Church Music)
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Pillar Church in Holland, MI (friends of ours) produced a whole record of songs last year inspired by the book of Luke.  One song that I found particularly interesting was the tune “Resurrection.” For this song they invited a writer and poet in the congregation to write a piece imagining the voice of the women at the empty tomb and then they turned it into a fantastic song for the congregation.  A great model to explore!

The first mortal eyes to behold the risen Christ belonged to the women who had come to embalm his body. They approached the tomb in mourning, expecting to find death, but instead they found glorious new life; the resurrection of Christ!

I come to you along a road of sorrow,
Approaching the tomb looking for nothing new,
I come to you in pain and in denial.
A question of faith is not even something to make

I am weary sad and pained; You meet me where I am,
In my dark and fear you came;
You’re alive again

I come to you amazed at your appearance
How can it be, you conquer death for me?
I come to you and live in hope and freedom
Death is erased, Life is restored by grace.

Resurrection; You find me in my fear,
Resurrection; My hope is near
Resurrection; You are my living hope
Resurrection; Defeat my death, I am forever changed.

words and music: Andy Bast and Sarah Van Tongeren (Luke 24)
©TheophilusMusic, 2016

Here is our post on other resources for celebrating #eastertide


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