Modern Worship Songs with Refugee themes

Isaac Fanous Flight to Egypt._400
Isaac Fanous, Flight to Egypt

Here are a few songs that you might use for corporate, family, small group, or personal devotions that relate to the prominent biblical theme of caring for refugees.

All Ye Refugees – Sandra McCracken
leadsheet | Video

Rise up – Bifrost Arts Worship/Evan Mazunik
leadsheet | Video

Fights for Me – Urban Doxology|Orlando Palmer
chart | video

Put Not Your Hope in the Nation – Wendell Kimbrough
leadsheet | video

You are a Refuge (Arms) – Ben Atkins|Resound Worship
chart | listen | video

You are Blessed (Beatitudes) – Hope College Worship
leadsheet | video 

Our God was a Refugee – Joel Payne | Resound Worship
listen | chart | video

Psalm 121 – The Lord is Your Shelter – Bruce Benedict
demo | chart | post

More worship resources from the Global Worship blog

The Hymn Society – Singing Welcome: Hymns and Songs of Hospitality to Refugees and Immigrants – A new special collection of 46 Songs and Hymns collected by the HS in 2017. PDF

Wilderness God, your Son was a displaced person in Bethlehem, a refugee in Egypt, and had nowhere to lay his head in Galilee. Bless all who have nowhere to lay their head today, who find themselves strangers on earth, pilgrims to they know not where, facing rejection, closed doors, suspicion, and fear. Give them companions in their distress, hope in their wandering, and safe lodging at their journey’s end. And make us a people of grace, wisdom, and hospitality, who know that our true identity is to be lost, until we find our eternal home in you. Through Christ our rejected yet risen Lord. Amen.
-Rev. Dr. Sam Wells, vicar of St. Martin-in-the-Fields

Christ amongst the refugees’ by Malcolm Guite

That fearful road of weariness and want,
Through unforgiving heat and hate, ends here;
We narrow sand-blown eyes to scan this scant
And tented city outside Syria.
He fled with us when everything was wrecked
As Nazarene was blazoned on our door,
Walked with the damaged and the derelict
To where these tents are ranked and massed, foursquare
Against the desert, with a different blazon;
We trace the letters: UNHCR,
As dark smoke looms behind a cruel horizon.
Christ stands with us and withstands, where we are,
His high commission, as a refugee;
To pitch his tent in our humanity. 

Wendell Kimbrough, Put Not Your Hope in the Nation

He is the hope of the hungry;
He is the Lord of the feast.
Our Father’s house always opens wide
to welcome refugees.

The fatherless find a Father;
The widow rests in His strength.
The heart of God is forever home
to all the poor and weak.

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