July 2018 – Bits and Bobs

Here are a few bits and bobs I’ve collected over the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Kickstarter for Moda Spira
– check out the new record from Page CXVI founded Tifah Allatas.  Beautiful stuff as always!

COS PSALMS Songwriting Contest (Due Oct 2018) – every year Church of the Servant in Grand Rapids hosts a remarkable psalm writing contest. Prize is $500. A number of Cardiphonia friends have won it in the past.


Michael Gorman, “Reading Revelation Responsibly” – Hope is participating in a Vital Worship Grant this year exploring the book of Revelation.  Looking forward to participating in tons of great projects in the coming year!  Also working through “Reversed Thunder” by Eugene Peterson and “The Face of the Deep” by Christina Rossetti.

Gerardo Marti – Worship Across the Racial Divide – This book is a few years old but a super refreshing read from sociologist Gerardo Marti on his survey of churches displaying and searching for models of healthy multi-cultural worship!

Alexander Schmemann – The Liturgy of Death – a prescient look at death in American culture.  Part of my current exploration of how the contemporary worship movement has engaged end-of-life issues.


Aaron Strumpel – Mighty Refuge

Village Church Music (Australia)

Rivers & Robots  – Discovery (UK)

Multitude Worship – Kansas City

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