Week 1 – Emmanuel (God Has Come to Us) – Advent 2018

Bellwether_journal_cover_stamp-11Welcome to Advent 2018

This year we are going to blog our way through the whole season of Advent & Christmas sharing one song a day!

Emmanuel (God Has Come to Us)
mp3 | chart

Music and Lyrics by Marty Reardon at Trinity Anglican Mission in Atlanta, GA and
released on their collection of Advent/Xmas songs in 2011. Love the intergenerational call of this modern Christmas song.

Verse 1:
Come shepherds, come wise-men, both rich and poor alike
Come Hebrews, come Gentiles, come every race and tribe

Verse 2:
Come children, come elders, come women and come men
Come families, come orphans, come strangers and close friends

For Christ is born
The Savior’s come to us!  (repeat)

Verse 3:
Come wretched, come holy, both strong and weak in faith
Come healed and come broken, come sinners and come saints

God has come to us!

Check out our Advent Devotional for this year:

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