Week 1 – Love Came Down at Christmas – Xmas 2018

Bellwether_journal_cover_stamp-11Welcome to Advent|Christmas 2018

This year we are going to blog our way through the whole season of Advent & Christmas sharing one song a day! In week 1 we looked at advent songs that draw from OT language. In week 2 we are looking at gorgeous Advent texts that have been retuned. In Week 3 we will explore newer texts/tunes that we’ve sung (or hope too!). Into Week 4 – an exploration of versions of the Lukan canticles – Mary’s Song, Zechariah’s Song, the Angels Song, and Simeon’s Song. We will also blog through the two weeks of Christmas! Excited to encourage the church to explore this season in more depth!


Love Came Down at Christmas
Holy City Hymns (Patrick Schlabs) chart

If you follow us here at Cardiphonia you know that we are huge Christina Rossetti fans.  It has been amazing to explore her contributions to the advent and Christmas seasons in a few of our projects.  We love this recent arrangement of this text from High Street Hymns (Alex Mejias) and Holy City Hymns (Patrick Schlabs) – two groups working within the anglican church.


Verse 1: 
Bm G D A
Love came down at Christmas
Bm G D A
Love incarnate, love divine
Bm G D A
Love was born at Christmas
Bm G A D
Star and angels gave the sign

G A Bm
Our God with us
G A Bm
Our hope, our trust

Verse 2: 
Bm G D A
Worship we the Godhead
Bm G D A
Love Incarnate, Love Divine
Bm G D A
Worship we our Jesus
Bm G A D
But wherewith for sacred sign


from Advent Songs, released December 2, 2012
Written by Chris­ti­na Ros­set­ti
Chorus by Alex Mejias and Christian G. Ross © 2009 5PM Records
Arrangement by Patrick Schlabs and Turner Merritt

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