Worship and Arts Podcasts

It’s taken me ages to get into the podcast game and I would be sunk without the great suggestions from the Liturgy Fellowship crew.
Below is a list of some of their favorites. (in no particular order)
  • Music and the ChurchItunes
    Join Dr. Sarah Bereza for insight into today’s diverse worship landscape, tips for a happier, healthier ministry, and interviews with organists, choir directors, and other worship leaders.
  • Church Music Matters – Itunes
    Podcast exploring popular church music issues through interviews with notable worship leaders (Zac Hicks, Aaron Ivey, Zach Bolen, etc)
  • The Church Collective Worship Leader Podcast – Itunes
    Extensive podcast interviewing tons of modern worship leaders.
  • Doxology and Theology – link | itunes
    Podcast is essentailly the sessions from their bi-yearly worship conference at Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, KY.
  • Hymnistry –  LinkItunes
    Podcast from Houston musician Luke Brawner largely exploring retuned hymn artists and albums.
  • Voices United –  A Congregational Song Podcast
    Podcast by Whitworth music professor Ben Brody from the new Center for Congregational Song founded by The Hymn Society covering a range of church music topics.
  • Worship Stuff Podcast – ItunesA podcast that looks at questions and topics that relate to the theology and practice of Christian worship.
  • Resound (UK) Songwriting Podcast – Itunes
    The RESOUNDworship Songwriting Podcast is designed to equip, train and inspire grass-roots worship songwriters in local churches. Joel Payne and Sam Hargreaves discuss songwriting technique, analyse classic worship songs, interview established writers and present a featured song.
  • The Tip Jar – Itunes 
    The Tip Jar is an interview style Podcast geared toward Worship Musicians. We discuss gear, tips, and tricks with some of the leading people in the field.
  • Sandra McCracken – Steadfast  (Produced by Mike Cosper/Harbor Media) – Itunes
    Podcast by Sandra interviewing friends about issues related to music and spirituality.
  • All Things Worship – LINK
    To be launched soon – a podcast from Trinity Anglican Atlanta worship leader and songwriter Marty Reardon. 
  • Song and Story PodcastItunes
    Conversations with songwriters about their songs. Each episode begins and ends with a featured song played in full, allowing the listener to hear it with fresh ears and a new perspective. We explore the story behind the song with the artist who wrote it, discussing specific lines, phrases, themes, metaphors, production decisions, and the creative process.

Album Centric Podcasts:
  • The Brilliance – Itunes
    The Brilliance give you an inside look at the making of their new album. You’ll hear about the ideas and thoughts behind each song, discussed in-depth with special guests, after which you can hear the featured song.

FAITH, ARTS AND CULTURE PODCASTS (often featuring musicians or music)
  • Makers & Mystics – Link
    the official podcast of the breath & the clay a north carolina artist collective
  • The Liturgists – Link
    The Liturgists Podcast
     is a genre-bending, chart-topping exploration of the most interesting and pressing topics of our time through the lenses of art, science, and faith.
  • The Antioch Podcast – http://antiochpodcast.org/podcast/
  • The Invitation – Link
    A podcast by artist, musician, and spiritual director josh banner.
  • Cultivated Podcast – https://www.cultivatedpodcast.com/
    A show hosted by Mike Cosper featuring thinkers, writers, entrepreneurs, and artists — each telling their story and describing their sense of calling, talking about how they work, and what they hope their work accomplishes.
  • The Rabbit Room (Andrew Peterson) – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-rabbit-room/id573308643?mt=2

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