Liz Vice – Charts

Liz Vice Cover

People have been asking me a lot recently for charts for various Liz Vice songs so I thought I would post all of the ones I’ve collected so far.  Liz was at Hope College last year (2018) for a concert and we have loved singing a few of her songs in chapel and Gathering ever since!

Many of these songs were written/co-written with Josh White, a pastor and musician at Door of Hope Church in Portland, OR. Check out their many music projects here.

Abidechords | leadsheet | notation

Empty Me Outchords | leadsheet | notation

Entrance – chords | leadsheet | notation

The Source – chords | leadsheet | notation

Truly Today – chords | leadsheet | notation

Pure Religion – chords | leadsheet | notation

Everything Is Yours – chords | leadsheet | notation

All Must Be Wellchords | leadsheet | notation

Enclosed by You – chords | leadsheet | notation

There’s a Light – chords | leadsheet | notation


So Shall His Word (w/ Sandra McCracken) – – chords | leadsheet | notation

Away from the Manger (Refugee King) – chords | leadsheet | notation

Porters Gate Worship – she also contributed a few songs to this new project.

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