Psalm 119 Compilation

Every summer I get excited about working on a new compilation and this is one of the more ambitious yet. As we’ve been making our way through the psalter this year we arrived at Psalm 119.  My first instinct was to just skip it. Psalm 119 is epic. The largest chapter in the bible. The longest song.  A hebrew acrostic that dedicates a song to each of the 22 letters in the biblical hebrew alphabet. So in a moment of weakness I sent out a quick email to the crew of songwriters that typically contribute figuring they would all agree with me…but after a bunch of quick positive responses here we are! 22 glorious new songs covering the entirety of the 176 verses.  Lyrically it is a wide swath of treatments.  Psalter texts, original texts, some that sing through the whole sense of the section and others that hang out on just a few verses. Musically it covers a range of folk and pop styles.  And for me it is a wonderful collection of musicians and artists who just have a deep love for the church and its song.

Also, grateful to connect with an old friend to benefit with the proceeds of this record.  Dh Henry works with the Navajo nation and recently sent me a note about creating/collating a psalter in the Navajo language. The timing was providential!

Each download also includes a full songbook of charts.

Huge thanks to Hope College Campus Ministries, Drew Elliot (mastering), and Michael van Patter (design), and every single artist and musician who contributed to this project!

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