Our Top Indie Christmas Records of the Decade!

One of our passions at Cardiphonia is to elevate amazing art that is happening at the local church level. Creative work that is both intensely contextual and yet also so remarkable that the Lord might choose to spread its blessings abroad.   To that end here are a few of our favorite Christmas records from the past decade (2010-2020).

Ok, technically this was released in Nov, 2009 but I’m sneaking it onto this list because it is a phenomenal record that forecast how central a role Isaac Wardell would play in the lives of many indie Christian artists this decade!

This record from boston based Castle Island Hymns came out in 2011 and it’s still on my yearly list to revisit. So many tasty arrangements and pop flourishes that you don’t often find in a Christmas record, much less one produced by a local church.

While Daniel and Lauren Goans, aka Lowland Hum don’t work for the local church their Christmas album released last year is a quiet gem of beauty and resonates deeply with our aesthetic around here.

Speaking of poppy joy…especially now working in a college context this little ep of bangers is always a favorite for chapels this time of year! In a similar vein there are some great treats on this The Modern Post Christmas record and this compilation of other Gospel union artists…all cast offs from the implosion of seattle’s Mars Hill church.

So glad this album snuck into the mix with a 2010 release. Mike Crawford and the Secret Siblings have been releasing deeply thoughtful and artistic work from Jacob’s Well church in Kansas City for years.  I mean, what church releases an indie vision of ‘In the bleak midwinter’ clocking in at +10min. Pure bliss.

The players! the players! This is a phenomenal jazz-centric Christmas record that draws from the deep talent and local scene connections at City Church SF.

Such a big fan of Jeff Crawford and his work at the Gathering Church and his own Arbor Ridge studios in the Durham/Carrboro area.  Jeff always pulled in the sweetest folks from the Chapel Hill/durham music scene to help him reinterpret standards! A indie-southern folk rock jam!!

You can also check out a similar list with a lot of our favorites from more established artists over at Brett McCracken/The Gospel Coalition.  You can also find some great Advent and Christmas music right here at Cardiphonia Music or over at Hope College Campus Ministries.


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