Top Worship Singles of the 2010’s

Continuing our decade ‘best of lists’ – here is a collection of worship singles that we couldn’t get enough of over the past 10 years.

Psalm 126 – This song resonated with a number of communities that I led worship with this decade. The song was a continual blessing through family grief as well as a musical avenue to introducing Lent to my students at Hope. One of many incredible psalms written this decade that resonated in a contemporary worship setting.

We Will Feast in the House of Zion – On Sandra’s now ubiquitous Psalms record this also made Liturgy Fellowship‘s top songs of the decade. Especially as more church’s embrace weekly communion this song became the theme song of the decade.

The Lamb has Overcome – I was originally introduced to Luke Morton’s folk-spiritual jam on Revelation 5 in Cardiphonia’s Songs for the Supper compilation.  Luke recorded another version included above, and The Red River Hymnal recorded a version. I commissioned Amy Porter to write an orchestral arrangement that we played at the Calvin Worship Symposium and it will show up on my Revelation record coming out this year. Suffice to say it was one of my songs of the decade.

O God of Our Salvation – This is one of a few very strong songs this decade (see Hillsongs This I Believe) that work in a CW setting but also have real theological substance.  The text is a beautiful meditation on the Trinity and the bridge adds the church for a bonus.  Also love that both the Village Church and Matt recorded versions demonstrating its stylistic flexibility – one driving modern worship and one taking its cues from vintage Rich Mullins.

Empty Me Out – This song was a stand out hit when we introduced it at Hope in 2017. It’s an interesting song…it was originally written and recorded by Josh White for his band Telecast (yeah…) and completely!!! reworked for Liz. It’s a beautiful meditation on baptismal theology and brought a different vibe to our repertoire. We’ve also sung Abide from this record.

Only a Holy God – There are a number of songs that I could list from Cityalight, the Australian group that I describe as the lovechild of Hillsong/Mumford. This was the first one we introduced at Hope and now sing 5 or 6 in regular rotation.  Their songs are theologically and biblical true, singable, and sound great!

Oh Lord, You Are My Light – We don’t sing a ton of shorter pieces but this is one that we have consistently returned to.  The worship band loves it and always sounds great when we have a student string quartet to support us.  Another beautiful psalm piece artfully written and arranged by Seattle composer Jess Alldredge/Emerald HymnsTrinity Song by Sandra McCracken is another great song that fits this space.

Wake Up Sleeper – Not a song that we have sung a ton but one that I have returned to repeatedly for inspiration and awe.  The reality of this song is an incredible feat of love between Zac and Chelsea Chen when they were both at Coral Ridge. Incredible to hear their massive Ruffatti organ – Arcade Fire eat your heart out.

All Thy Fullness – written by a student a few years ago this is one of our favorites to sing at Hope.  A curious mix of modern and archaic language, exploring the theological idea of kenosis, it’s a great example of the best that college students can craft with a loving community and careful mentoring!

Praise the Lord Ye Heavens – Coming to Hope from communities that were more deeply steeped in the “retuned” hymn movement it’s been challenging to find songs that work in a modern worship setting. This arrangement by Young Oceans has been so well received and is a testament to the super strong writing of Eric Marshall. Love this particular setting sung by Harvest Bashta. Here is our live version from last year.

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