Worship in the age of Coronavirus



I’ll be updating this daily with resources that I find around the web that seem helpful…

Favorite Worship and Prayer Resources:

PrayerbookProject– resources for Lent 2020 (free for this season) from Mosaic CD church.

CICW – “COVID-19 and Worship: Resources for Churches Adapting to Social Isolation”

Resound Worship – “Songs For Times Of Tragedy And Fear (That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of)” by Joel Payne

Live-streaming resources:  Sovereign Grace ChurchChurch Tech Today | Streams of Life (Singapore) | Anthony Diehl | How to us Zoom | Streamyard | restream.io

Christianity Today’s PDF Guide for “Coronavirus and the Church

Saturday, April 11

Aaron Keys | Mere Worship – Series of short video’s on leading worship in a crisis

Chris Juby| Resound Worship – Licensing Explained for Streaming

Virtual Choir | Adam Kurihara – how we did it

Bruce Hindmarsh | Regent College – Coronavirus and the Communion of Saints

The Hymn Society – Hymns in Times of Crisis (pdf)

Chris Walker | Grand Haven Covenant Life Church – Teaching on Lament (great example of teaching on lament in the local church context)

Providence Baptist Church– How to View a service on Facebook Live (If you aren’t on facebook)

Monday, April 6…

Work of the People – Praise Song for the Pandemic

TheConversation – Christians face an online Easter, preparing to share the gospel without sharing the virus

Reality Ministries/Meek Squad – I Am for You (produced by Lowland Hum)

Walter Bruggeman– The Formfulness of Grief

Harvest Business Review– That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief by Scott Berinato


O Divine Ocean of mercy and compassion, be with us in our time of trial and difficulties.

Today I make an act of spiritual communion with you, the life-giving Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

At this time I am not able to receive the sacred body and blood of my Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ, but I choose to live in union with him and in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

I offer my day, my daily life, my joys and sorrows to you, for those around me, and for the whole world.

Be with us, O life-giving Triune God, for we know that nothing in this world has power over us.

O Lover of all people, have mercy on us and on the whole world.


Friday, April 3…

Glenn Packiam – “Five Things to Know about Lament

David Taylor– Collects and Prayers for a Time of Suffering

Resound Worship – Podcast – Songs of Solace and Hope

Mere Orthodoxy  – The God Who Hears Our Laments by Derek Rishmawy

TGC Africa – What Will Suffering Saints Sing by Christian Lwanda

Art & Faith Podcast – Art as an Essential Mercy w/ Makoto Fujimura

The New Yorker– The Gospel in a Time of Social Distancing, By Casey Cep

Tim Hutchings– Creating Church Online: Ritual, Community and New Media

Church of England – Archbishop of Canterbury to lead first national virtual Church of England service

The Praxis Journal – Leading Beyond the Blizzard: Why Every Organization Is Now a Startup (Andy Crouch, et al)

James KA Smith | Image Journal – The Art We Live With

C4SO – A great list of resources from this anglican communion. Spiritual Online Communion

Sunday, March 29…

A Bedtime Song for Anxious Children (David Taylor & Paul Zach)

Jonas Kurlberg – “Reflecting Theologically on Online Worship Services”

CICW – Holy Week Services in Uncertain Times

StoryMakers NYC– Gorgeous design and materials for family worship for Lent

Discussion of Online Communion – Christianity Today | UMC Guidelines for Online Communion | RCA Communion Liturgy for Home and Hospital |

Malcom Guite – Lent with Herbert

Ron Mann – Worship in a Time of Pandemic

Christ Church Spotify Playlist – from worship Director Wes Crawford

John Witvliet– Funeral Practices during COVID-19: Praying for Wisdom in Pastoral and Liturgical Adaptations

Thursday, March 26…

Prayer of Examen – Creating some good space for me this week. Videos by Fuller Studio

Google Arts– link to one of my favorite artists – Georges Rouault

Georges Rouault– speaking of…check out this daily only devotional for Lent rooted in Rouaults Miserere series.  Also William Dryness “Seeing Through the Darkness: Georges Rouault’s Vision of Christ” (Image Journal)

Zac Hicks/Advent Birmingham – New Single

Storymakers NYC – A very cool digital site for family devotionals.  Check out their Lent ‘zine.

Rabbit Room – Digital Care Package

IAMSON – #passoversongchallenge – Orlando Palmer asked folks to cover his song and Instagram did not disappoint!

Salt Project – Holy Week Tenebrae: A Home-Based-Devotional

Reading – started digging into “Faith for Exiles: 5 Ways for a New Generation to Follow Jesus in Digital Babylon”

Hope College – Digital Chapels


Monday, March 23…

Coronavirus-and-the-Church (Wheaton) – Trusted Resources for Churches from Leading Experts. The purpose of this site is to assist churches and ministry leaders as they prepare for and respond to the effects of the Coronavirus in their congregations and communities.


Sunday, March 22…

Trinity Presbyterian Church (Charlottesville) – Sunday service with ASL included.

The Porters Gate Project – Nothing to Fear (Audrey Assad) – Chart | Spotify

The Art of Christian Parenting – “How to Lead a Home Worship Service With Your Kids”

Kid lab – some friends of mine in Raleigh, NC who do super creative group kids art projects.

Korean Blessing Song – “Hey worship leader friends, here’s a KOREAN BLESSING SONG you can use for online service or for small groups while maintaining social distance. It’s a song that can be done interactive way online or not. Yon can see the lyrics below. Direct message me if you need a chart. I have permission to share from songwriter.”

CICW – Teach Us To Pray: Scripture-Centered Family Worship through the Yearplus a free download of the Lent section.

Porter Taylor– A Liturgy During a Pandemic (blog)

Christianity Today– “20 Prayers to Pray During This Pandemic”

Wes Crawford – Hymns about Death (bandcamp)

Friday, March 20…

Bob Kauflin – “Songs to Sing in a Pandemic”

Matt Merker (9 marks) – “25 Hymns to Sing in Troubled Times”

Stuart Townend– There is a Hope

Deb Van Duinen– Hope College Education Professor discussing Station 11 (Big Read 2018)

Thursday, March 19…

CICW – “COVID-19 and Worship: Resources for Churches Adapting to Social Isolation”

Sovereign Grace Church – Live Streaming Tutorial

BibleProject– fantastic site with a plethero of animated video’s exploring the bible.

Immanuel Nashville – Album of songs inspired by Romans 8.

Anthony Diehl – How to use Zoom

Crossway – “Free Ebook: The Final Days of Jesus”

Church of England – an extensive list of resources and guidelines from the Church of England.

Sandra McCracken – Worship Service at Worship Symposium “My Soul Finds Rest in God Alone.”

New music – time to check out the music of the common hymnal and The Porter’s Gate if you haven’t already!

Wes Vander Lugt – A Handwashing Liturgy (pdf)


Wednesday, March 18…

David Taylor – CT – “How to Lead Online Worship Without Losing Your Soul—or Body
8 tips for stewarding church technology in a time of social distancing.

Liturgical Folk – Celtic blessing

Anewliturgy – music and liturgies from Aaron Niequist. A fantastic online place to guide worship times.

VersesProject – word for word sung meditations from the ESV translation.  Here I’ve linked to their songs on Psalm 91.

DigitalChurch – worship with Trinity Grace Church NYC.

The Common Rule – Spiritual Rhythms for Quarantine


Tuesday March 17…

Streetlights Bible – we love to listen to the bible through the ministry of Streetlights


Derek Webb – “A GUIDE TO ONLINE CONCERTS: From philosophy to technology, here’s everything you need to keep your tour rolling from home (PDF)

The Gospel Coalition – “Songs of Comfort for Anxious Souls” (Free Playlist)

Andy Lewis – “Devotional, 7 Days for the Coronavirus “Moving from Fear to Faith” (PDF)

Indelible Grace/Kevin Twit – Spotify Playlist “Hymns for Anxious Times”

Babylon Bee (humor) – “Nation’s Churches Provide Fog Machines For Families Worshiping At Home”

Northumbria Community – “Join us in our Daily Prayer”

Mystery of Faith Blog (Glenn Packiam) – “Guidelines for Gathering in Homes During the Coronavirus Pandemic / March 14, 2020”

Image Journal– “Essays, poetry, short stories, and visual art for the liturgical seasons of Lent and Easter.”

Christ Church @ Home – new site put together by my pastor/musician friend Craig Harris.

Sunday March 15…

1st Reformed Church, Zeeland MI – Liturgy with songlinks. (pdf)

David Taylor & Paul Zach, “I Shall Not Want (Psalm 23)”

Facebook live concert with Wendell Kimbrough – Psalms.

March 14…

Christianity Today‘s growing list of resources.

A growing list of resources on Paul Neeley’s “Global Christian Worship” blog

Mere Orthodoxy – “How Should Christians Respond to the Coronavirus?”

Church Service Society – “Prayers for the Sick” (pdf)

Mevo – a simple technology option for live-streaming.


NyTimes (Opinion) – Esau McCaulley “The Christian Response to the Coronavirus: Stay Home”

March 13…

Christianity Today – “Should Your Church Stop Meeting to Slow COVID-19? How 3 Seattle Churches Decided” – A global health expert offers tools for your congregation to respond now.

Email from Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Indy on worship and the coronavirus. A good example of church messaging on postponing corporate worship gatherings.

Article from The Spurgeon Center on practices during the Cholera outbreak of 1854.

Onelicense.net offers special song licensing for the coronavirus season.

Article from Andy Crouch – “Love in the time of Coronavirus.”

Faithward.org – How Churches can respond to the coronavirus.

Relevant Magazine – “COVID-19 Preparedness Is an Opportunity to Literally Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.”


Cardiphonia on Spotify

Join our the Liturgy Fellowship group on Facebook



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