“Endless Glory” new worship from Hope College Campus Ministries

Just in the nick of time we finished off this years live worship record “Endless Glory” for Hope students to stream as they head home for the next couple of weeks.  We’ve been working tirelessly on this project since we recorded it at The Gathering last November.

For the past 20+ years Campus Ministries at Hope College has produced a sonic ebenezer of our gathered worship. A continuous stream of sung prayer that we don’t take for granted, especially in this crazy season.

This years record features 4 songs from each of our 3 student bands that collectively lead around 120 services a year (MWF Chapel, Sunday evening Gatherings). Most of these songs we pick during August as we pray through our repertoire for the year.  It’s a collection of notable CW songs, hymns, and hopefully a few hidden gems (Drenched in Love, Raised with Christ, Nothing Like Your Love are my a few of my lesser known faves!). The title come from a phrase in Hillsong’s “King of Kings.”

Very cool art from our resident designer blake johnson. He collaged 8 pieces from the recently released digital archives of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that speaks to our preaching residency in Revelation this year.

Hope you enjoy! It should be up on Spotify/Apple/Amazon shortly!

peace, Bruce

Produced by: Bruce Benedict
Recorded by: Paul Chamness
Production Assistant: Micah Stillwell (’20)
Mixed by: Drew Elliot
Mastered by: Drew Elliot, Jack H. Miller Studios
Art & Design: Blake Johnson (’17)
Team X
Senior Leader: Kennadi Hawes // Abigail Nasari, Anna Kate Peterson, Cecilia O’Brien, Scott Corman, Samantha Choy, Timothy Boyce, Jared Lowe
Team Y
Senior Leader: Caleb Harlow // Jacob Lindell, Ellie Haan, Jonathan Yepez, Livia Maat, Micah Stilwell, Olivia Abdou, David Disher
Team Z
Senior Leader: Anna Brady // Hannah Baird, Luke Christensen, Mallory Shinn, Gerrit Wiegerink, Molly Dirkse, Canaan Teague, Trenton Baty
Tech Crew
Claire Butcher, Owen Donahoe, Lauren Evert, Laurel Hamersma, Kylee Krogman, Kelly Piering, Eric Salisbury, Bekah Segrist, Camden Sejna, Jay Ware

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