Ten Songs for Justice and Peace

Here are is spotify playlist and a few congregational songs that I have charts for…May they bless you as you worship the King of Kings and our Lord of peace in these times when the world has been shining a light on the travesties of racism and hate.

Christianity Today – Also, check out this CT article from David Bailey and David Taylor, “Singing the Songs of Injustice.”

Resources from CICWAnti-Racism in the Renewing of Christian Worship

See the Day (Liz Vice) – Chart

Fights for Me (Urban Doxology) – Chart

Make us One (The Brilliance) – Chart

Blessed are the Merciful (The Porters Gate) – chart

Nothing to Fear (The Porters Gate) – chart

Heal Us, Emmanuel – Indelible Grace/Blessing Offor – Chart

Kingdom of God (Jon Guerra) – Chart

O God, Do Not Be Silent (Wendell) – Chart

Take My Hand (Russ Mohr) – Chart

Let Justice Roll (Sojourn) – Chart

How Long? Psalm 13 (Bifrost/Paul Zach) –Chart

When Our Songs (Resound Worship) – Charts


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