News and Notes – Summer 2020

Here are a few of our favorite spots this summer…

Sayde Anderson – Bellwether Arts, Psalm 84

Bellwether Arts – Ordinary Time Project – Working through the 25 weeks of Ordinary Time eight local artists are bringing their words, art, and music to a collection of growing weekly devotions on sabbath.


Worship in Your Church as in Heaven: Nikki Lerner & Josh Davis (Proskuneo) – a wonderful introduction to thinking about the beauty and complexities of multi-cultural worship in an American context from two of the leading practitioners working today.

Worship across the Racial Divide: Religious Music and the Multiracial Congregation – Gerardo Marti (Davidson College Sociologist) – a sociological analysis of how multi-racial churches have navigated music and ‘worship’ issues.

Praise and Protest – Jon Michael Spencer – an important theological and sociological analysis of the many streams of music in the black American experience.

A Brief History of Heaven – McGrath – Most of my summer is spent working on doctoral stuff. This summer I am busying writing a journal article exploring the typologies of heaven in contemporary worship. Building off of the work of Jefferty VanderWilt, “Singing about Death in American Protestant Hymnody” and other explorations of eschatology in evangelical hymnody I’m outlining the major eschatalogical typologies at work in current contemporary worship lyrics. This book from McGrath was a wonderful overview of the major heavenly typologies in christian literature.

The Color of Compromise – Jemar Tisby – a fantastic overview of the story of slavery and race in the history of the church in america.


Gentle Wolves – Room for All – new one from the desk of Austin based Richard Kentopp. Another amazing collection of retuned hymns from the Gentle Wolves project – Everything you’d want from an Austin based worship project. Swoony vocals, indie arrangements, and a thick slather of lapsteel!

Cardiphonia on Spotify…check out our growing catalog.

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