Palm Sunday Weekend with Reggie Kidd

For Palm Sunday we invited Reggie Kidd to visit our church to speak on the future-looking aspects of the Lord's Supper (as part of our Calvin Worship Grant).  He spoke with our leadership team on Saturday night, and twice on Sunday morning (Sunday School and Sermon). During our leadership team dinner we talked about how... Continue Reading →

Seder Supper at Christ the King

Christ the King celebrated our first Seder Supper last week as part of our community participating in Holy Week.  This was inspired by our Worship Renewal Grant from Calvin Institute of Christian Worship where we are exploring what it means to grow in our observance of the Lord's Supper this year.  The Seder Supper is... Continue Reading →

Worship Grants Colloquium 2011

Last week PJ and I went up to Grand Rapids to participate in the Worship Grants Colloquium as part of our 2011 grant project "Anamnesis."  Every church that is participating in the Calvin grants program is required to attend this yearly event with the project director and another member of the grant team (Pj is... Continue Reading →

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