Visual Art Resources for Scripture

//Paramentics Welcome to Paramentics, a website devoted to the creation of Christian art for use in worship, Bible studies, and outreach materials. The site features an ongoing series of artwork that follows the three-year series of readings as used by many church bodies throughout the world. //Art in the Christian Tradition (Vanderbilt) The Art in the... Continue Reading →

Georges Rouault Miserere for Lent

Thanks to Reggie Kidd for sharing this BLOG that uses Georges Rouault Miserere series as a devotional resource for Lent. ... Also excited that the 'Songs for Lent' collection that I curated texts for is now up on BandCamp.  

David Taylor – The Visual Arts and Worship

Christianity Today has just published an article by our friend David Taylor entitled "Discipling the Eyes Through Art in Worship."  This is a really important discussion for many of us who are interested in supporting the arts in christian worship, loving on artists, using arts as part of our liturgical landscape, etc.  You can read... Continue Reading →

Advent by C. Rossetti

--- Christina Rossetti This Advent moon shines cold and clear, These Advent nights are long; Our lamps have burned year after year, And still their flame is strong. “Watchman, what of the night?” we cry, Heart-sick with hope deferred: “No speaking signs are in the sky,” Is still the watchman’s word. - The Porter watches... Continue Reading →

Vertical Habits – resources for worship

Do you want a great resource for exploring the basic building blocks of communication in Worship?  The Vertical Habits is an approach to talking about worship that the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship has been developing for a number of years.  In 2006 Redeemer Presbyterian Church-indy and Cardiphonia were asked to develop some visual arts... Continue Reading →

By/For Arts

By/For encourages artists to create sacred worship art by the church, for the church. --- Recently (2008-2009) Brian Moss curated and facilitated a collaborative arts project with a number of visual artists in Vancouver. The Vancouver Project contemplates the beautiful, grotesque and sublime in this visual art exhibition. These are beautiful images that the Church... Continue Reading →

For the Beauty of the Church

A new book out with contributions from a number of stellar folk.  My copy is on the way, but from the excerpts I've seen floating around the web it promises to be a rewarding read for anyone who labors with a love for the church, her beauty, and her artists. Amazon Link --- There is... Continue Reading →

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