Songs for the Sojourn – Bellwether Arts

This spring Bellwether Arts in collaboration with Cardiphonia Music launched a successful kickstarter to bring "Songs for the Sojourn" to life.  This collection of liturgical arts (music, art, writing, liturgy) is inspired by the Psalms of Ascents, Psalms 120 - 134. We are currently in the process of completing production on the project and thought it... Continue Reading →

Bellwether Arts – Advent/Christmas 2017

It's been a busy season in the Cardiphonia workshop this year.  Hot off the heals of our new vocation double-album we are finally bringing to life a project to support the church calendar with a collection of liturgical resources. We are calling it Bellwether Arts. This advent is our inaugural release. Our plan is to... Continue Reading →

O Antiphons

The "O" Antiphons - O come, O come, Emmanuel These series of short (hence ‘antiphon’) meditations on the messianic motifs of Jesus in the Old Testament come from the ancient church. Boethius, a prominent Christian Philosopher of the 6th century makes reference to them in one of his writings. They were popularized by the Benedictine monks in... Continue Reading →

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