Anointing with Oil for Ash Wednesday

Psalm 133 “Like the Dew of Hermon” (c) 2007 Aaron Collier Our church anoints with oil on Ash Wednesday instead of following the usual practice of the imposition of Ashes.  Here are some brief notes on the practice of anointing. Anointing with oil was a common practice in the ancient near east where our Christian... Continue Reading →

Series in the Book of Revelation

Last week our church - Christ the King - started a new series in the book of Revelation.  We will be covering the entire epic over the next 6-7 months.  It's an ambitious series and I've got mad props for our pastor for tackling it.  If you've never studied, or worshipped, your way through this... Continue Reading →

How to Disciple Your Worship Ministry

I recently had a worship leader ask me how I disciple my worship ministry.   It's a great question and one to which I've floundered quite successfully over the years.  There are a surprising number of ways that we can gently and consistently disciple our worship ministries over a period of time (here I mean all of... Continue Reading →

Ten Songs we are teaching our Kids

This year at Christ the King we are taking a few minutes before Children's Church to gather all of the kids together to sing some songs.   I've been working the past few weeks on gathering together a collection of 10-15 songs that I want them to learn this year.  The collection so far is... Continue Reading →

Esther Series – Fall 2012

This Fall at Christ the King we are working our way through the enigmatic Book of Esther.  This is the book of the Bible that doesn't mention God, promotes a festival not prescribed in the Law of Moses, and was criticized by Martin Luther for being too aggressively Jewish and having NO gospel content.  But... Continue Reading →

Series on The 10 Commandments

This summer at Christ the King we are going through the 10 commandments from Deut 5:6-21.  The title of our series is the 10 Freedoms and follows up a few months in the book of Galatians. Alongside exploring songs that interact with each of the commandments (or trying to), and songs that celebrate Christ's fulfilling... Continue Reading →

Palm Sunday Weekend with Reggie Kidd

For Palm Sunday we invited Reggie Kidd to visit our church to speak on the future-looking aspects of the Lord's Supper (as part of our Calvin Worship Grant).  He spoke with our leadership team on Saturday night, and twice on Sunday morning (Sunday School and Sermon). During our leadership team dinner we talked about how... Continue Reading →

Seder Supper at Christ the King

Christ the King celebrated our first Seder Supper last week as part of our community participating in Holy Week.  This was inspired by our Worship Renewal Grant from Calvin Institute of Christian Worship where we are exploring what it means to grow in our observance of the Lord's Supper this year.  The Seder Supper is... Continue Reading →

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