Planning for Christ the King Sunday 2016

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Well, that’s awkward…having already posted about Advent I’m now backtracking to include some resources for Christ the King Sunday – the sunday before Advent starts (Nov 20).

The Worship Sourcebook says of Christ the King Sunday:

“Christ the King Sunday focuses our worship on the cosmic character of Christ’s reign over the world. It is a proclamation to all that everything in creation and culture must submit to Christ and an invitation to actively and joyfully submit to his rule.”

Well..that just seems like a word that we need to hear right now. So here are some resources to check out for those of you that riff off of this theme/service in your worship planning.


The Liturgy Letter – Christ the King Sunday
Service Focused around Psalm 11 and the Life of Christ – CICW
A Festival of Scripture and Song for CTK Sunday – RW
Songs and Suggestions from Global Worship Blog
Christ the King NOW – Article in Reformed Worship
Other Resources for Christ the King Sunday – CICW


Rejoice the Lord is King – Park Church Denver
Now to the King (1 Tim) – Wen Reagan
Jesus Lord Ascend Thy Throne – Jered McKenna
Forever Blessed be the Lord (Ps144) – Kingsborough Hymns
Rejoice the Lord is King – Christ Community Moody
The King Shall Come – Coram Deo Music
Come People of the Risen King – Stuart Townend
All Hail Christ – Hope College Worship
Justice Will Roll Down – Sandra McCracken
The Lord is King – Nathan Partain
None But Thee – Young Oceans
Come and Worship Christ the King – Resound Worship

Text: Why Should the Children of a King (Isaac Watts)

Traditional Hymns on this Theme:

Sufjan Stevens – The Transfiguration

There aren’t a lot of songs that wonder on the transfiguration (Matt 17).  Sufjan Stevens has a wonderful one and I’ve heard that a few churches have used this in worship.  David Crowder covered the song and I just heard there is an EP coming out soon from City Church with a symphonic/choir version of it.

More related texts from the Hymnary. Some more worship resources on The Transfiguration from Luke Brodine.

Transfiguration – Leadsheet

When he took the three disciples
to the mountainside to pray,
his countenance was modified, his clothing was aflame.
Two men appeared: Moses and Elijah came;
they were at his side.
The prophecy, the legislation spoke of whenever he would die.

Then there came a word
of what he should accomplish on the day.
Then Peter spoke, to make of them a tabernacle place.
A cloud appeared in glory as an accolade.
They fell on the ground.
A voice arrived, the voice of God,
the face of God, covered in a cloud.

What he said to them,
the voice of God: the most beloved son.
Consider what he says to you, consider what’s to come.
The prophecy was put to death,
was put to death, and so will the Son.
And keep your word, disguise the vision till the time has come.

Lost in the cloud, a voice: Have no fear! We draw near!
Lost in the cloud, a sign: Son of man! Turn your ear!
Lost in the cloud, a voice: Lamb of God! We draw near!
Lost in the cloud, a sign: Son of man! Son of God!

by Sufjan Stevens
© 2004 New Jerusalem Music

Recent Songs for Epiphany 2015

Tomorrow (Jan 6, 2015) marks the traditional date of the church season of Epiphany. Epiphany what?! It’s a greek word that means ‘manifestation or appearance.’ The Worship Sourcebook in their chapter on the Epiphany says, “Churches that observe Christmas as a stand alone event may find it difficult to get past the sentimentality of seeing a cute, mild-natured baby in the manger. But the incarnation involves much more than the drama of Christmas itself; it brings a vision of God’s glory to the nations of the world.”  The typical church season of epiphany is connected to the visit of the wise men who were initially led to Christ by a star and carries us into the great commission to see Christ proclaimed to all of the nations.

Here are a few songs that have been released recently that might be useful to you.  You can find other resources HERE.

Sojourn – All I Have is Yours (Thanksgiving)

I heard this Sojourn song for the first time in awhile during a Thanksgiving Day service on Thursday. Great song. Simple, singable, and congregational. Thanks Bobby and Rebecca.

Chords | Leadsheet | Youtube | Mp3

Creator, giver of all things:

All I have is Yours.

Accept my humble offering:

All I have is Yours.

When I was chained to greed and pride,

Tight-fisted, destined just to die,

You paid my debt and bought my life —

All I have is Yours.


All I have. All I have. All I have is yours.

This offering is a means of grace.

All I have is Yours.

You show me this to grow my faith:

All I have is Yours.

The more I give, the less I need.

I learn that You’ll provide for me.

’twas blind to this but now I see —

All I have is Yours.

Your kingdom come, Your will be done.

All I have is Yours.

You’ll finish all that You’ve begun.

All I have is Yours.

That You would use the gifts I bring

In service of the coming King

Is reason now to praise and sing:

All I have is Yours.

by Bobby Gilles, Rebecca Bales – Copyright © 2006

CCLI #4878364

Devotional Resources for Advent 2014

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Here is a collection of devotional resources for Advent this year.

Let #Ferguson Prepare Us For This Season Of Advent
article by David Bailey of Making a Melody.

25+ Devotional Books for Advent Reading
from Global Worship Blog

Biola Advent Project
I always enjoy Biola’s church themes web devo’s.

Gloria – A Christmas Hymn Study

Advent Devo from Grace Pres in Seattle (image above)

Christ Church Berkeley Advent Devo

Advent Devotionals from Liberty Church – Philly

New Lyrics to tune of O Holy Night from Kevin Hartnett

Our God of Old has Spoken
New Song from Matthew Westerholm