Ten Songs for Justice and Peace

Here are is spotify playlist and a few congregational songs that I have charts for...May they bless you as you worship the King of Kings and our Lord of peace in these times when the world has been shining a light on the travesties of racism and hate. Christianity Today - Also, check out this... Continue Reading →

Top Worship Singles of the 2010’s

Continuing our decade 'best of lists' - here is a collection of worship singles that we couldn't get enough of over the past 10 years. Psalm 126 - This song resonated with a number of communities that I led worship with this decade. The song was a continual blessing through family grief as well as... Continue Reading →

Psalm 119 Compilation

Every summer I get excited about working on a new compilation and this is one of the more ambitious yet. As we've been making our way through the psalter this year we arrived at Psalm 119.  My first instinct was to just skip it. Psalm 119 is epic. The largest chapter in the bible. The... Continue Reading →

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